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The Discipleship Series

 Going back to the basics.

  • Are you looking for basic Christian faith Bible based teachings?
  • Do you have questions about the Christian faith?
  • Do you want basic Christian faith Bible based material that will help you during you devotional times?
  • Are you a leader who some time battle to get ready made topics and content to teach?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above it means that “The Discipleship Series is the book for you. It contains basic Christian faith Bible based teachings essential for every believer. It will answer questions that you may have about the Christian faith. As you have your quiet time or personal devotion the teaching can help you as reading material. And if you are a leader the lessons are good for teaching and discussion in Bible study groups.
Besides this, this book takes you back to the basics. No matter where we are or how long we have been there, the basic things must not be forgotten. Basic principles are the 

ones that make our foundations. And once in a while we go back to check our foundation, because the whole building sits on it.

This book presents basic Christian life teachings. It’s a good book not only for a new Christian but for anyone who what to know more about the basics of Christian faith. If you really want to enjoy your Christian life, this is the book to read.

“The Discipleship Series” book is available online at: (use store icons)
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Little Tough Tips on Marriage

Putting your marriage relationship where it belongs! 

  • Have you recently got married or  planning to get married soon?
  • Has your marriage turned into a war zone?
  • Are you ready for extreme advice on marriage?
Marriage is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Every couple can have a fun and enjoyable marriage and they can have this if they are brave enough to pursue the Little Tough Tips on Marriage.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that is made without an option to turn back. It is like a garden that needs constant watering and great care. If you really love your spouse then, your love is worth fighting for. This little book will revolutionise your approach to your marriage relationship. It will prepare you to navigate traps that can block the smooth flow of marriage, by reorienting your heart and attitude. The following tips 
covered in this book will help you improve your relationship with your spouse and will move your spouse from being an enemy to being your ally.  

“Little Tough Tips on Marriage” book is now available on: (use store icons)
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 The Blessing Scriptures

A book that will help you read the Bible effectively.

Do you struggle with where to start from when trying to read the Bible? Do you have to fight to maintain a constant devotional life? This book will make it easy because as you read it you will be reading verses that benefits you immediately. The collection of scriptures in this book relates to your personal life. Meditate daily on these scriptures that speak to you directly in The Blessing Scriptures, and experience the difference.

Are you looking for a collection of scriptures that will fire up your life like a rocket? You need a very positive mind to realise that big dream of yours. Few encouraging scriptures a day from The Blessing Scriptures will help you maintain a positive mind throughout the day. They will energise you to get out of bed to fulfil your calling with a purpose.

Are you going through a rough time, facing mountain sized challenges? This collection of scriptures will speak to your situation, turning your trails around and give you a new outlook to your future. Speak these scriptures daily as you pray.

The Blessing Scriptures will change your devotional life! Every scripture in the book has a direct meaning to your everyday 

personal life. Every scripture is specifically intended to encourage and restore hope and faith to face any daring circumstance. This is the book you ought to start and end your day with!

As you read The Blessing Scriptures you will feel faith rising inside you. This is how this book will help you face and conquer your giants.

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It’s time to slain the giants! It is time for victory!

The Blessing Scriptures, redefining spirituality!

“The Blessing Scriptures” book is now available on: (use store icons)
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