About Me

I am a Christian author, an entrepreneur and development activist who resides in Pretoria, South Africa. Writing is my passion.
I am a real estate development manager, by profession. I run It’s My Footprint blog and I have published three books; ‘The Discipleship Series,’ the ‘Little Tough Tips on Marriage’ and then recently ‘The Blessing Scriptures.’ These three Christian books are all available on Amazon and major bookshops in both print format and kindle versions.

I currently serve as a leader at Hatfield Christian Church and I am involved in discipleship and mentoring. I have a passion for making a difference by influencing and adding value to people’s lives. I believe in living a result oriented and purpose driven life. After all life without a purpose is a waste.

I intend to learn golf soon. I also enjoy community development projects, developing and supporting individuals by mentoring and coaching as well as building authentic relationships.  
Meet My Family
I am married to Beatrice and we have three children. We enjoy adventures, photography and hiking as a family. 
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    My Family
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    My Family
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My Blog

You are special and you have a special purpose in life. You deserve the best!

Whatever you do today, good or bad, you do not do it just for yourself. Whatever you choose today, blessing or curse, you do not choose it just for yourself. You also choose it for your children and your children’s children up to the third generation. You choose it for your family, your community and your country. So, make it the best choice ever. Your choice today leaves an everlasting footprint. This is ‘Your Footprint.’ This is what remains at the end. After all, what remains at the end is what really matters!

Everyone, including you, is making everlasting footprints by words, thoughts and actions. It is a true fact that you cannot undo something you have done. You cannot stop time or reverse or reuse time. What is done is done. So in whatever you do better make it your best short.

This is what my main blog It’s My Footprint , http://www.itsmyfootprint.com is about. It’s about inspirational wisdom, tips and guide for an effective lifestyle.

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